Pure Grow Tonic 32oz

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Pure Grow Tonic 32oz

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Pure Grow Tonic is a Bio-Energetically enhanced, sea mineral complex that contains over 90 naturally balanced colloidal ionic minerals. Plants use most elements, but microbes use them all. Microbes make and use enzymes to do their work and every potential enzyme needs a specific element. Pure Grow Tonic is the tool kit for life.



Pure Grow Tonic is superior to all other seawater products due to its concentration, balance, and simply containing more of what your garden wants. Because it is supersaturated with Himalayan crystal salt and contains the BioDynamic preparations BD500-508 there is simply no other seawater solution that comes close to touching what Pure Grow Tonic offers. Seawater and primordial sea water (Himalayan crystal salt) are the most ancient natural solutions on Earth.


If you are growing a garden and not using Pure Grow Tonic, you are not experiencing the full genetic potential of plant growth…period. Inspired by the work of Maynard Murray and Rudolf Steiner, Pure Grow Tonic bridges the chasm created by the idea of  “essential nutrients,” or the idea that plants and ecosystems only need a certain number of elements to thrive. Allowing the plant to eat what it desires, rather than what we have figured out they have to have; results in stronger plants with increased nutrient densities and a greater propensity to withstand environmental stresses. Not only this, but you will have tastier plants and higher yields! Budget fertilizers contain as few as 5 elements. They’re fast food for plants; creating a quick growth response but resulting in sickness and degeneration…we make movies about it.


A base hydroponic nutrient is better, at least it provides what the plant HAS to have, but, think about it, doesn’t a plant WANT much more? Think of a base hydro nutrient as a frozen “organic” pizza, it covers the primary bases, but not what our bodies need to thrive. A base hydroponic nutrient contains no more than 17 elements, but a tomato ends up with more than 17 elements in it…what are we missing? In modern times humanity is experiencing increased disease with no apparent explanation. The reason for this is that we are growing plants for what they need, not with what we need from them.     




Pure Grow Tonic is derived 100% from Nature. Pure  Grow Tonic is so pure that we actually sell it as a liquid vitamin in health food stores. The parallels are life!


Pristine Open Ocean Water: The Ocean receives billions of gallons of foreign materials a day, yet despite this maintains a deliberate mineral balance. This is the balance of life, actually mimicking the mineral balance in blood. It contains these mineral elements in a form that Nature can understand. All elements of the atomic table are in a solution of consistency, balance and proportion, immediately available to plants and microbes. We harvest our seawater from far out in the open ocean to ensure purity. Many believe that ocean water is harmful to plants, but that is only when it is used in a

concentrated form. The sea is the harbinger of life. It is the primordial soup that birthed life as we know it. It can do the same for your garden.


Himalayan Crystal Salt: Harvested in the Hunza Valley, Himalayan crystal salt is ancient sea water in a crystalline form. It has a slightly different elemental balance and diversity than sea water, as the constitution of sea water has changed over the

millennia. There are 6-8 elements in each living salt source that is not contained in the other. When the two are combined it represents the entirety of mineral and energetic life force on Earth, containing literally ALL Earth-bound elements for your garden to enjoy.


Colloidal clay: Colloidal clay is added to Pure Grow Tonic as a quickener, allowing the other ingredients to work more efficiently. It is the grease to the wheels, so to speak. Colloidal clay also contributes a broad spectrum of elements and beneficial compounds in forms not found in the living salts.


Nettle’s Tea: Created via a fermentation process, Nettle’s Tea is a time tested tonic for human health and is one of the BioDynamic preparations. It helps plants through times of drought, transplant shock and transition and promotes the overall well-being of the plant and garden. It is high in nitrogen, iron, formic acid, and silica.


BioDynamic Preparations (BD500-508): Due to the energetic power and potentization of these preparations, very little is needed to go a LONG way.


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