Pure Grow Ice Kelp 1 Gallon

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Pure Grow Ice Kelp 1 Gallon

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Pure Grow Impact can be used by itself in hydroponics or soil, as a field spray, or with any custom or commercial brewing system on the market. We recommend Pure Grow Tonic and the Vortex Brewer system to maximize productivity when utilizing Pure Grow Impact as a compost additive.



Pure Grow Ice Kelp is a triple concentrated Kelp blend formulated to THREE times the concentration of other liquid kelps. 

It is enhanced with all the 9 BioDynamic preparations and a full spectrum of living colloidal minerals from the ocean and ancient oceans from trace amounts of Pure Grow Tonic. 

Pure Grow Ice Kelp is not your typical liquid kelp product. No harsh chemicals or heat are used in extracting the goodies from inside the cell wall. We use a patented cellular infusion process to extract the kelp components of Pure Grow Ice Kelp.

At the same price as competitors and many times the concentration of its competitors, Pure Grow Ice Kelp is an amazing product with an incredible value. Try it today!


Pure Grow ICE Kelp: (food source): This is the best kelp on the market and it is certified organically grown. This Icelandic kelp is processed in a state of the art plant that is built on the edge of the fjord from which the kelp is harvested. This kelp is literally in the bag within hours of being removed from the sea. Pure Grow ICE Kelp is not your typical liquid kelp product. Because of its ability to work at low concentrations, most liquid kelp products are watered down and contain a single source of kelp. It has also become a commodity to some who choose to use cheap and invasive extraction practices to sequester the plant beneficial material, but not Pure Grow ICE Kelp. Not only do we practice conscientious techniques of extraction, but Pure Grow Kelp is derived of both Ascophyllum nodosum and Ecklonia maxima at more than three times the average concentration. The ocean is the primal and restorative source for all of life on Earth. It is remarkable that plants have found a way to grow in the ocean to begin with, let alone thrive, but kelps have done just that. They have overcome the harsh conditions of the ocean to become a powerhouse of nutrition for plants and people.

• Stimulates growth, chlorophyll content, flowering capacity & root development
• Increases natural resistance to insect and fungal attack
• Improves tolerance to heat, drought and frost conditions
• Provides a broad range of trace elements and minerals
• Increase yield and quality of produce

Pure Grow ICE Kelp is premium liquid kelp that is extracted using only physical means, no chemicals. It is also twice the concentration of competitors. On top of that it has sea minerals and other goodies added and it’s the same price…no brainer.

Most liquid kelp products only contains 3% of actual kelp. Pure Earth ICE Kelp contains over 9%. It also contains the BioDynamic preparations and a full spectrum of land and ocean colloidal minerals that work perfectly to compliment the sea kelps. This is a total product from many different angles.
At the same price as competitors and many times the concentration of its competitors, Pure Earth ICE Kelp is an amazing product with an incredible value. Try it today!

Souluble Potash (k2O)......0.60%
Derived from: Sea Kelp

Ascophyllum Nodosum: A green sea kelp found in abundance in the Northern Atlantic Oceans off the coasts of Iceland and Nova Scotia. It has long been used on crops due to its combination of both macronutrient and micronutrients. Ecklonia Maxima: A brown sea kelp native to the southern oceans and is typically found along the southern Atlantic coast of Africa, from the very south of South Africa north to Namibia.
Pristine Open Ocean Water: The Ocean receives billions of gallons of foreign materials a day, yet despite this maintains a deliberate mineral balance. This is the balance of life, actually mimicking the mineral balance in blood. Himalayan Crystal Salt: Harvested in the Hunza Valley, Himalayan crystal salt is ancient sea water in a crystalline form. It has a slightly different elemental balance and diversity than sea water, as the constitution of sea water has changed over the millennia.


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