Why LED LuxGro Lights are Different

LuxGro LED LightingBetter Light, Less Energy Use, Less Heat

Growing indoors always creates challenges, be it from the heat or the expense of energy use. LuxGro lights were developed with cutting edge science, and the result is one of the best industrial grade grow lighting solutions on the market. The unique spectrums in the LEDs ensure the best growth, and Lux Dynamic's history building high output industrial LED solutions has yeilded the finest growlights you can buy. We are one of the few online dealers that can help you get these phenomenal lights into your grow. We can broker you solutions for any size grow from a small residential operation to an industrial level solution. 

When comparing different growlights, it’s important to consider:

The spectrum of the light:

  • Ultraviolet, or UV light is important to stimulate production of pigmentation, flavonoids, THC and CBD.
  • Far red, or near-infrared light is important for hormonal signaling in plants and maximizing photosynthetic efficiency.
  • The total spectrum is important. The component colors of the light must be present in the correct ratios. For example, too much far red / near-infrared light or too little blue light will cause plants to “stretch” and get leggy. However, using different “vegetative” and “flowering” spectrums actually stresses plants and decreases quality; the ideal light will be able to be used with both states. That also allows you more flexibility in lighting.

The intensity of the light over the entire grow area:

  • Taking a measurement from a single point is not an accurate way to judge a light’s intensity

The efficiency of the light, relative to its ability to grow plants:

  • Remember that the most efficient lights possible can’t be used to grow plants, so balance light efficiency and intensity.